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"It's tough to sit through 2 shows in 1 day but the expertise of the older classes and the cuteness of the young ones- and 3 grand daughters mixed in - made it totally enjoyable ! You've got a lot of talent coming up in the middle range as well. My favorites are too numerous to list but 'Wicked Ones' , 'Branching Out' and 'No Parking On The Dance Floor' are a few of them. I appreciate the team building that goes on as evidenced by the enthusiasm and support the girls show for their fellow dancers! Thanks to all involved!

-Barb T.



"All the teachers are amazing, they know their stuff and truly love to dance. You can tell every time you go into class you're going to learn something. I've learned so much from this studio, it's teachers, and fellow dancers that will stay with me forever. Everyone is very professional and extremely kind. They are all willing to go the extra mile for every dancer and their family. The program has grown so much in the last few years, I cant wait to see what it will turn into! Thank you for making my 12 years a complete blast."

-Caitlin E.



"Such a professional school with wonderful teachers who go the extra mile to make my daughter feel like a prima ballerina. This school is so organized, I always know what is coming up next!"


-Tammie S.


"My daughter has been at Hoffman's for 3 years now it is just wonderful. The new ownership has brought the studio to a whole new level, and my daughter is absolutely obsessed with dance now!! Thank you so much for all you ladies do, everything is wonderful and this years show was the best I've ever seen!!! Thank You and keep up the GREAT WORK!!!"


-Laura P.


"So very professional. The business is over 75 years old. The teachers are all so very talented. My daugher learned so much when she went in at age 2 until 4 years of age. Unfortunately we moved and aren't able to go. They just moved into a brand new building which adds to the success."


-Sheila G.

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