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We offer many styles of dance, including kiddie combo class, classical ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, hip hop, acrobatics,

theatre dance, cheer dance, boys only classes, adult classes and fitness classes. 

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Classical Ballet - The foundation of all dance in its purest form. Through this art much poise and grace is gained as well as self-confidence in an ever changing world.


Jazz - A stylized form of dance that incorporates interpretive characteristics and strengthens the cardiovascular system.


Tap - A form of dance that coordinates rhythm and timing to music projecting audible sounds.


Lyrical - Tells a story or conveys a message through expression and dance. Movement is fluid, smooth and controlled.  Available to intermediate and advanced students who are enrolled in Ballet class.


Acrobatics - For students ages 6 and up. Acro employs the same inverted type of skills visible in gymnastics. Acrobatic performers focus strongly on the use of balance, flexibility and strength.


Hip Hop - for students ages 7 and up, a free style form of dance incorporating today's latest dance trends and jazz technique.


Combination Class - For children ages 3-6. This class is usually 45 min to an hour that combines the development of rhythm, movement and coordination. These young students are presented with a "fun" based class setting where they learn age appropriate skills in Ballet, Jazz and Tap.


Theatre Dance - a form of dance that combines music from Broadway musicals and dance. Pantomime and acting play a large roll in this class to create a truly theatrical experience.


Cheer Dance - for students 7-12, a form of dance combining the skills and techniques of cheerleading and jazz dance.


Boys Only Classes - Hip hop and tap


Adult Classes - Ballet workout, tap, hip hop, Zumba.


Betty's Music Together - an internationally recognized early childhood music program for children ages newborn through age 5, and 5 - 7 with the adults who love them. This program pioneered the concept of a research-based, developmentally appropriate early childhood music curriculum that strongly emphasizes and facilitates adult involvement.



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